Centaur Horse Hot Walkers

Centaur Horse Hot Walkers Specifications

Motor and Drive Unit:

& 1 HP electrical motor (optional). All motors are thermally protected with an automatic reset unit incorporated into the motor.

Body Cover: Sturdy 18 gauge galvanized steel cover with door on side to allow access to the switches, electrical motor and drive system.
Basic Colors: There are 18 basic enamel colors to choose from. All models are primered prior to painting. Additional colors $100.00 extra. Ranch logo on 2 sides $150.00 extra.  Colors
Body Frame: The frame of all the models are composed of 2 " angle iron that has been bead welded approximately 1/8" wide.
Drive Unit: The drive assembly is driven through an electric motor which is incorporated with a speed reduction gear box. The speed reduction is done through a gear box reduction system incorporated with a variable speed sheave unit, and two v-belts for pulling power.
Speeds: Centaur makes two horse walker models: 1) single speed at 3 rpm’s, that goes forward and reverse; 2) variable speed control unit which goes from 2 rpm up to 6 rpm and any rpm between the two ranges, also forward and reverse.
Arms: All models come with two adjustable lengths of arms depending on the users choice. There are 24ft. and 30ft. adjustments. The arms are constructed of 2 " tubular steel. The height of the arms from the ground is 8ft. 6". Each arm comes equipped with a quick release mechanism and lead with a snap.
Head Section: The horse walkers come equipped with a solid or folding head, constructed of 3" square steel.
Electrical Specifications: The unit can be connected to any 110 or 220 Volt electrical outlet. An additional charge of $75.00 for 220 Volt. 20 amps required at walker.
Options: Extra long leads custom colors pen stripping ranch logos miniature horse walkers 6 horse walker
Warranty: All new machines are guaranteed to be free of manufacturing defects and structural failure for one year from date of sale.

A Deposit of 50% is required

Major Credit Cards Accepted

All Prices are Subject to California State Sales Tax

All Prices are Subject to Change without Notice

Electrical wiring outside the machine for control is not guaranteed as it is subject to interference and interruptions from causes not the fault of the equipment.
Charges will be made for service calls relating to problems outside of our warranty. For out of state and out of country purchases, we request all payments in advance which do include a freight charge.
Installation charges are discussed with each client
Centaur Corporation can put in electrical lines or any installations with regard to the walker. A licensed electrician is suggested for any electrical work needed. Centaur can supply you with an electrician if you so desire. Centaurs California contacting license number is: A.B 486161.

This information is accurate as of date of publication, but is subject to change without notice. Send mail to Centaur@hotwalkers.com with any questions or comments about our products or our website.

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