Centaur Horse Hot Walkers
  Centaur 6 Horse Hot Walker
our heaviest duty Hot Walker

4 Horse Hot Walker 
Model 600
Standard Features

Twenty enamel colors  Color Palette
Adjustable diameter 40 ft. to 30 ft. on all 2 horse
All thermally protected motors
All galvanized steel covers
5 ft. X 5 ft. Square bases
Quick release mechanisms on each arm
6 Leads with protective covering and heavy duty swivel bull snaps
Primered undercoat and enamel finish
Head structure & arms made of square steel for added strength
Base constructed of 1/4 inch thick angle iron
Double V-Belt drive (950 lbs. Pull power)

Model 600

  • Working diameter 40 ft.
  • Variable Speed both Directions
  • Quick Releases
  • Steel Base Cover
  • 6 Leads included

$8,895.00 F.O.B + Tax


The overall structural design of the 6 Horse Centaur Hot Walker consists of a 8 5/8" X 1/4" wall vertical upright shaft which has a chain drive reduction of 5 to 1. We use 100 chain with 1 1/4" pitch.

The four support structures are made of 2 1/2" X 2 1/2" X 1/4" heavy walled angle steel. The base legs are made of 2 1/2" X 2 1/2" square steel (1/4" thick walls). The arms are 20’ long and are made of 3"X3" 2 1/2"X 2 " tubing (1/4" thick walls) with a quick release mechanism on each arm with a lead attachment for your horse. The walking diameter is 40 feet. Optional Upgrade to 60 feet.

The drive system is powered by a 2 H.P. motor, single phase 220 Volt. The speed of the walker is controlled by using our remote control panel. An infinite range of speeds can be reached by simply adjusting the dial on the control panel. The Hot Walker can go forward and reverse. The speeds can vary from a slow walk to a gallop or canter.

The walker is designed so that the main drive belts will slip at a predetermined amount of pull. The operator can change the amount of pull from practically zero up to almost 400 pounds. The arms are approximately 9’6" above the ground which tends to minimize the problem of a rearing horse. The entire drive system is housed in a steel cover of 18 gauge. You have 20 colors to choose from. The unit is designed with your horse’s safety in mind.

The total weight of each unit is 1825 pounds.

The total height is 10’6".

The working diameter is 40’.

Optional Upgrade: working diameter of 60’ $1,000.00 plus tax

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